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Your Landlord might Be Neglecting These Responsibilities


Since not all apartments are the same landlord responsibilities vary from apartment to apartment, you should check your lease and local laws to see if he or she is skipping out on any responsibilities. Here are the most common neglected duties most landlord’s skip out on.

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San Francisco landlord raised rent by an additional $4,800 a month, tenants are fighting back

San Francisco is definitely not the city where renters find cheap rent but when the landlord of a Sunset neighborhood of SF raised rent by an additional $4,800, Paul Kelly & Danielle Phillips were shocked to find out the rent had raised from $1,900 a month to a whopping $6,700, that’s tripe the rent.

Connecticut landlord has been sentenced for extorting tenants including a 17-year-old

Richard Bruno, 47, of Waterford, Connecticut was sentenced to 16 years in prison. Bruno was arrested in New London, Connecticut, after police started investigating for extorting sexual acts in lieu of cash for apartments he had leased to tenants

Hackers are stealing real estate down payments in the way you least expect it

Hackers are getting into the real estate agents personal email accounts to access email accounts of professionals involved in the real estate transactions … and here is where the waiting game begins.