Local Records Office Deed Service in Norwalk, CA Helps Homeowners Deal With Misleading Spam and Scam Letters

Local Records Office Deed Service in Norwalk, CA Helps Homeowners Deal With Misleading Spam and Scam Letters


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Local Records Office, Norwalk, CA

Local Records Office in Norwalk, California has been helping new homeowners deal with misleading scam letters from spam companies across the United States. Local Records Office also known as LRO focuses on filling in the gap that real estate agents and new homeowners have, the gap that leaves homeowners wondering about the details about their property. Obviously the homeowner(s) have information on how many rooms and bathrooms the house has but information like criminal activity in and around the neighborhood is kept in the dark.

Local Records Office believes that leaving certain information in the dark is not how business should be done especially on something so big like a house where the homeowner will most likely spend over 30 years paying for it. Filling in the gaps is what motivated the people behind LRO, after listening to disappointing stories and feedback left by homebuyers LRO knew they had to step up to the plate.

Local Records Office is Filling the Gap Left by Consumers and Real Estate Agents

Buying a home and knowing “some” of the details is not how it should be like, it’s like buying a car and later finding out that the previous owner was a hardcore cigarette smoker who liked to put the cigarette butts inside the A/C vent holes.

Finding this out after buying the car would be devastating, this is the same reason why companies like CARFAX are so successful because people would like more information on what they’re purchasing. In much more simple terms picture ‘Local Records Office’ being the CARFAX or Kelly Blue Book of the real estate world.

How Does ‘Local Records Office’ Help Individuals Against Scam Artists?

Local Records Office and scam artists have been going head-to-head for years now, the scammers will send bogus letters to new homeowners in attempt to steal personal information of the unsuspecting victim(s). Scammers are going as far as setting up robocall centers to try to get money from victims. These types of acts have been going on since the early 2000’s.

Local Records Office Warns New Homeowners from Scam Letters Being Sent by Mail in Attempt to Steal Property Deeds

Families are falling victims of deed scams since with the help of the Internet; crooks are finding new ways to scam people each day. Scam artist will usually go for new homeowners, the elderly or the people who own multiple homes and are not aware of what is going on behind their backs. Local Records Office warns unsuspected homeowners on how the Internet is being misused by these crooks.

Local Records Office is Located in Norwalk, CA but Services the Entire United States

Local Records Office might be a small company but it offers its service to all Americans, located in Los Angeles County in the small city of Norwalk, CA with a population of over 106,000 Angelenos Local Records Office manages to get out there and help homeowners. From California to New York to Colorado Local Records Office covers it all.

How Much Does Local Records Office Charge for It’s Service?

Local Records Office along with other businesses tries to make products and services as affordable as possible. As customers we like to get good cheap deals but sometimes we don’t put ourselves in the shoes of businesses, businesses need to make a profit too while offering reliable services.

Local Records Office takes it’s time to research the latest and most up-to-date information for each property, after the data is collected it’s double checked and printed, the printed documents will be part of a 20+ packet, the packet will include various information like: crime report, neighborhood population, teacher-to-student ratio, demographics, crime activity, foreclosure activity, property history, information on not just the property but the land the property sits on and most important a copy of the deed for the homeowner(s) to see who is on the deed. The packet will be sent to customers via mail after it’s completed.

Local Records Office $89 Service Fee

Local Records Office offers a small fee of $89 for a completed packet. The information in the packet is well worth in the hundreds, that what we call a steal.

The Relationship Between Homeowners and ‘Local Records Office’

Local Records Office and homeowners have a close relationship according to satisfied customers, most customers have said the detailed packet has educated them on information they would of never thought about and details that the real estate and neglected to tell them about.

In most cases the real estate agent is trying to make the sale so bad to get the commission on the home’s closure that he or she will tell the buyer part of the information and the rest will be up to the future homeowner to find out for him or herself. If you ask us this is not a good way of making business.

How Do Customers Find Out About the Service ‘Local Records Office’ Provides?

Local Records Office reaches out to customer’s different ways, the most common way is to send out letters to new homeowners via mail offering a no obligation service for $89.00. When the homeowner receives the letter the potential customer will have the option to purchase the service or to just simple disregard it.

If homeowner decides he or she is interested there will be three different options to purchase the service, option #1: Send in a money order or check by mail to the address listed, option #2: go on line to www.localrecordsoffices.com and pay online by credit card or debit card, option #3: call customer service at 1(800) 790-0721 and place an order by phone, this is the best and fastest way. All you will need is the number listed on the top right of the service letter.

Local Records Office vs. Other Services

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Local Records Office is the leading property history report for a reason, even though some services charge $86.00 the information provided isn’t always up-to-date or not reliable. For $3 more you will receive a service that is guaranteed or your money back as long as it’s done in 15 or less and the packet is sent back to Local Records Office.




Website: www.LocalRecordsOffices.com

Phone: 1(800) 790-0721

Email: info@localrecordsoffices.com

Business hours: Monday to Friday 8:00am to 5:00pm (closed weekends)